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  • If you are getting a mortgage, can I recommend a Lender to you?
  • What area of Tucson would you like to live in? (please refer to area map)
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  • How many bedrooms are you looking for?
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  • How many square feet is your ideal home?
  • How many acres are you looking for?
  • What kind of parking for your car(s) are you looking for?
  • If a garage is a must how many car garage are you looking for?
  • Is a pool something you want?
  • Would you buy a home that is within a Home Owners Association?
  • Are there any absolute musts your home must have?
  • Would you buy a home that is within a Home Owners Association?
  • Why are you buying a home and why is now the right time to move?
  • Is there anything important you would like to add?