eXp Realty Tucson… What Is All The Hype About eXp Realty?

Attention Tucson Real Estate Agents What is All the Hype About eXp Realty?

eXp Realty is the first The Agent-Owned Cloud Brokerage® that offers real estate agents revenue share and stock in the company. 

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We have an executive office suite specifically for eXp Realty agents in Tucson, Arizona where agents can take advantage of all the benefits eXp Realty has to offer while having an office to work out of.



Video Transcript Below

What Is All The Hype About eXp Realty?

I want to congratulate you on taking the next step in learning how you can become part of the Digital Revolution. Welcome to eXp Realty, our cloud-based solution to the traditional real estate office. Think about this, they way we purchase almost everything has changed because of companies like Amazon, Netflix and iTunes.

Amazon has created a place where people can come to find and discover anything they might want to buy online. Netflix allows us to watch thousands of movies and TV shows on demand in the comfort of our home. iTunes has done the same for the way we purchased music. It’s hard to find a music store today because now, most people buy and stream songs on their smartphones and tablets.

These billion-dollar companies have been able to collapse inefficiencies in our marketplace. In other words, these companies have made our lives easier. eXp is doing the exact same thing now for real estate agents. Like Amazon, Netflix and iTunes, eXp is revolutionizing the multibillion-dollar real estate business from a traditional brick and mortar into a cloud-based solution, just like Amazon did for books, Netflix did for movies and iTunes did for music.

Founded in 2009 by Glenn Sanford, eXp is revolutionizing the real estate industry and the wealth it creates for its agents. With a 172% year-over-year growth, eXp has expanded more than 6,000 agents across the United States and Canada. Being cloud-based, our expansion possibilities are limitless. In the markets we are currently in, tens of thousands of real estate agents will be involved with eXp Realty in the next few years.

Seeing our agents grow and become more successful is crucial to eXp. With eXp, you can join a meeting or training session within our community wherever you are via your phone, tablet or computer. Our agents also have access to more than 20 hours of live weekly training in eXp world virtual campus accessible 24/7. These live sessions are conducted by special guests, trainers, and coaches who focus on marketing, technology, productivity, professional development and industry best practices.

Have a question about contracts or tech? The eXp support team is there to help and assist you quickly and efficiently on your phone or computer in just a few simple clicks. You’ll have real-time live support from our agent services, technology, and finance experts. One of our top priorities is building our own core technology.

Every eXp agent receives a revolutionary, fully integrated IDX website, CRM, lead generation system and robust transaction management system. And at eXp, your transactions can be completely paperless utilizing our online transaction processing and review systems.

For a typical agent, these systems will cost well over $6,000 per year. Our revenue-sharing model allows you to build passive monthly residual income by attracting other agents to eXp Realty. The more producing agents you attract, the more monthly passive income you can earn.

Other than the technology platform, this is one of the top reasons agents are excited to be a part of eXp. Every agent is on an 80/20 split that caps at $16,000. Cap agents receive 100% of their commission minus the cap transaction fee for the remainder of that year. If an agent is licensed in multiple states, there is only one single cap amount nationwide. If you are on a team, there are significant savings for each team member too.

Here’s the breakdown on how the revenue sharing model works. Tier one contains the producing agents that you have personally attracted. For each of their transactions on this tier, you will receive a percentage of the total commission earned. This amount is taken out of the 20% paid to eXp, not from the agent’s 80%.

Once the agent has reached their $16,000 annual cap, then you will no longer receive income from their transactions for the remainder of that agent’s anniversary year. The maximum earning on this tier is $2,800 per agent per year, and you have the ability to earn income on seven different tiers.

eXp is a public company trading under the stock symbol EXPI. As an agent owner of eXp, there are six ways that you can acquire stock. You earn shares of stock when you close your first deal, when you cap each year and when an agent that you personally sponsor closes their first deal. Additionally, you have the opportunity to buy eXp stock at a 20% discount through regular commission deductions from your transactions.

You can even earn your full $16,000 cap back in the form of $16,000 in eXp stock being awarded to you by meeting certain production and other criteria each year. Need a physical office space? Every agent receives a global membership to the Regus Shared Office community. You’ll be able to scale and grow your business, expand your profit margins, earn passive income, gain an exit strategy and enjoy your real estate career and your life.

These are just a few of the reasons agents, teams, coaches and independent brokerages are flocking to eXp. Pretty exciting, isn’t it? What could you do with that kind of additional income? Save for retirement? Travel? Send the kids to college? The possibilities are endless. eXp Realty already has changed the lives of thousands of agents all over the United States and Canada. Now is your time to get started. Now is your time to decide if you want to help revolutionize the real estate industry.

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