Kolb Road to Sabino Canyon Bridge Connection

Above is what the finished Kolb Road Bridge is going to look like

The Kolb Road to Sabino Canyon bridge connection construction is well under way and City of Tucson has made lots of progress since the start of the construction in December 2015. The project is projected to take 15 months to complete. Kolb Road Connection to Sabino Canyon Road

Sabino Canyon will cross Tanque Verde and connect to Kolb Road. As many people know who live in the Tanque Verde Valley and Sabino Canyon area, the work day commute in the AM is pretty congested between Tanque Verde and Sabino Canyon to Kolb Road on Tanque Verde.

Punching Sabino Canyon through to Kolb Road will eliminate backup of traffic on Tanque Verde between Sabino Canyon and Kolb Road.

During construction the, Pima Regional Trail System, which is a paved path along the wash is detoured. Walkers and bikers are detoured onto Kolb Road to go around the construction. When the construction is complete the path on both sides of the wash will go under the bridge.

A friend of mine, Jenny Watkins, gave me the idea. She took pictures of the bridge once a week for the first 3 months to show the progress of the bridge. Jenny gets photo credit for the March, April, May pictures below. Moving forward I will be taking weekly pictures and posting them on this page to show the progress to the completion of the bridge. Our Keller Williams office is on Kolb Road so I drive by the construction everyday.

For more info as to what the City of Tucson is doing CLICK HERE.

Kolb Road to Sabino Canyon Bridge Connection Construction Pictures

Each week there will be the latest picture uploaded to the photo gallery. Check back each week for the weekly progress of the bridge.

Click on the images below for full sized picture. 

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