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Sam Hughes is a charming neighborhood in the Greater Tucson area. Tucson holds the county seat in Pima County, Arizona and is the thirty-third largest city in the United States. Sam Hughes is located near downtown Tucson, right next to the University of Arizona. All of Sam Hughes real estate is now officially designated as a “National Historic District” — enchanting the residents with charming properties that are rich in history. There is no need to drive in this safe and active neighborhood. Residents walk, run, and ride their bikes all throughout the community to get where they need to go and stay on their feet.

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Sam Hughes Homes For Sale

About Sam Hughes

Sam Hughes was named after a Welsh immigrant and one of Tucson’s earliest Anglo pioneers with a skill for real estate trading. Sam C. Hughes came to the United States in 1837 as an eight-year-old boy. His parents became ill and passed at a young age, leaving him with the responsibility of raising his eight siblings. When he was twelve, he set off for work. He worked at a cotton factory, assisted a toolmaker, worked as a baker, worked on the canal and riverboats, and eventually grew into a prosperous merchant at the time of the California Gold Rush. In 1860, at the start of the Civil War, Confederate forces took over Tucson. Hughes preferred not to live under the Confederate flag and moved to California. By 1862, he accompanied Union soldiers back to Southern Arizona as they took the area back, and in the early 1870’s, he took part in the incorporation of Tucson. He declined Mayorship and instead served as an alderman on the first city council. He was also a founding member of the Arizona Pioneers Historical Society, now known as the Arizona Historical Society, and he assured the preservation of documents and other items relating to the Territorial history of Tucson. Hughes provided land for a public school and assisted in building it, saying it was “the pride of my life”. He died in 1917, and a decade later, Sam Hughes Elementary was named after him. The original Hughes family home is still standing on North Main Avenue.

Sam Hughes real estate has grown into more than 2,000 residences, businesses, schools and places of worship today. The homes come in a variety of about sixteen architectural styles, but most of the homes are of the Spanish eclectic style. You’ll see solid-colored modest homes mixed around with quirky colorful abodes, providing a home for every kind of person or family. Towering tropical trees line the streets and cactii decorate many front lawns illuminating the beauty of Tucson’s flora. The community is flourishing with a vibrant lifestyle. The children walk to and from school, neighbors jog up and down the streets, and others take their furry companions for a stroll around the block. Third Street passes by the neighborhood and is bike-only except for local traffic, so bike riders can veer out of the neighborhood down a safe road for a bit of adventure and surely a great workout. Sam Hughes is surrounded by shopping, dining, and entertainment, so the neighborhood has become quite popular. The walkability and convenience is hard to beat. You can easily walk to a football game at the University of Arizona. Professors and college students could walk to work and school. Residents can walk to their favorite shops, restaurants, and hangouts right down the street including Loft Cinema, Rincon Market, Casa Video, and three wonderful art stores.

Other places to explore nearby include: Grimaldi’s Pizza, Miss Saigon, Lerua’s Fine Mexican Foods, Starbucks, burger joints, sushi restaurants, fast food and comfort food, Rogue Theatre, Himmel Park, Buffalo Exchange, multiple golf courses, Carnival of Illusion, Reid Park Rose Garden, and abundantly more. For grocery and shopping needs, right on the corner of the community lies a shopping center with Walmart, Target, Marshalls, Petsmart, JCPenney and Home Depot, among others.

Grimaldi’s is a casual Brooklyn-style pizzeria serving brick-oven pizzas, salad, calzones, beer, wine and other delectable options for local pizza lovers to enjoy. This place is perfect for nights when you don’t have the energy to prepare a meal for the family after a long day at work. Grab one of these locally favorite pizzas and the entire household is sure to be satisfied. Miss Saigon is a popular cafe that serves classic Vietnamese noodle dishes, soups, family dinners and some of the best Pho in town. Lerua’s is a Mexican cantina with authentic meals to satisfy your home-cooked cravings just like mom and grandma made. Plenty of other food places around the neighborhood on all four sides and corners, so take a walk and see what’s around.

Sam Hughes is safe, convenient, lively, and feels like home. This community is near and dear to many hearts, and it will steal yours the moment you pass by. The historical homes, affordability, a strong sense of community, ease of access, and beauty of it all comes together to create one of the greatest neighborhoods in Tucson and the perfect place to raise a family.

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