Top 5 Road Bike Rides in Tucson, Arizona

Hi my name is Tyler Ford. Let me introduce myself. I am known in Tucson as Tucson’s cycling real estate agent. I am an Arizona native and an avid cyclist and triathlete.

I have been passionate cyclist for 30+ years, I “live to ride” Tucson’s Saturday Shootouts. The Shootout is one of the best group rides in the country, according to Bicycling Magazine. I started cycling while attending Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, Arizona and have been hooked on the sport ever since. It was easy to get hooked when there was one of the best rides in the state just seconds from my home in Flagstaff called the Lake Mary Ride.

My wife, Mimi and I, are outdoor enthusiasts and have both competed in the Hawaii Ironman Triathlon in Kona, Hawaii, and the Xterra World Championship Triathlon in Maui, Hawaii. An idea of a perfect day is going for a bike ride in Tucson.

I would like to share with you what I feel are the MUST DO Top 5 Road Bike Rides in Tucson, AZ.  If you have limited time while in Tucson this is my list of the 5 road bike rides you must do.

Introduction To Cycling In Tucson, Arizona

Tucson has the perfect topography for bicycling with everything from high mountains to desert flatlands. The thriving, active cycling community is one of bicycling’s best-kept secrets. But it won’t stay that way, as the community is earning honors as a “bicycle friendly” city that hosts major biking events like El Tour De Tucson. El Tour De Tucson is the largest perimeter cycling event in the country.

Tucson is already a mecca for bicyclists from around the world during the winter months, as its Tucson Home Searchtopography, sunny skies and mild temperatures create the perfect environment. My pro cyclists and triathletes from all over the world train in Tucson during the winter months in preparation for the racing season.

There are not too many places in the country where you can start a ride in the desert at 2,500 feet and end up in the pine trees at Mt. Lemmon at 9,000 feet. But even in the summer, early mornings are a great time to ride in Tucson. Some people are just rolling out of bed by the time the avid cyclists have finished an invigorating 60-mile ride!

The city has numerous riding groups, with more forming all the time. One of the best in the country is the group that meets for the Saturday morning Shootout, which attracts around 100 to 150 riders for rides ranging from 60 to 80 miles.

Tucson’s sun and heat can get pretty intense during late spring, summer and fall. Make sure you put plenty of sun screen on and stay hydrated so the desert sun and heat don’t get the best of you.

Top 5 Road Bike Rides in Tucson, Arizona

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The #1 road bike ride in Tucson, AZ and a huge favorite among the local is climbing Mt Lemmon.

To view the ride: CLICK HERE

Mt Lemmon Bike Ride
Base of Mt Lemmon

The #2 road bike ride in Tucson, AZ is a group bike ride know as the Shootout which is every Saturday morning and has been going on for 30+ years rain or shine. This is a fast ride and not for everyone. You need to know how to ride in a big group and have good bike handling skills.

There are two different start times depending on your ability. The old man Shoootout leaves 15 minutes before the main Shootout.

To view the ride: CLICK HERE

shootout bike ride Tucson, AZ
Start of Shootout bike ride

The #3 road bike ride in Tucson, AZ is Saguaro National Park know as “The Loop” to Tucson cyclists.

To view the ride: CLICK HERE

Saguaro National Park Bike Ride Tucson
Saguaro National Park Bike Ride

The #4 road bike ride in Tucson, AZ is Gates Pass McCain Loop. This ride is on Tucson’s west side.

To view the ride: CLICK HERE

Gates Pass
South side of Gates Pass

The #5 road bike ride in Tucson, AZ is a newer ride. Tucson has been busy and doing an awesome job putting in bike paths along Tucson’s rivers or what we call a wash. You can ride “The Loop” bike path for  miles with no traffic or traffic lights. There are tons of ride variations when riding along “The Loop”

To view the ride: CLICK HERE

Click on this link for a complete list of THE BEST BIKE RIDES IN TUCSON 

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