Tucson AZ Horse Property

Tucson Horse Property

Tucson Horse Property is found in all of Tucson. Horse property in Tucson ranges from smaller 1 acre lots to large ranches on 10+ acres.

The most desireable horse properties in Tucson are ones where you have access to trails and washes from your property so you don’t have to trailer to ride.Tucson Horse Property

Even though central Tucson has some horse property it is the least desirable due to the fact there is limited trail access. The most desireable horse properties are on the outskirts of Tucson’s northeast, east, southeast west, and northwest part of Tucson and Oro Valley.

Tucson’s northeast, east, and southeast are the most sought after horse property in Tucson because of the larger suburban ranch (SR) 3.3+ acre lots and the east of trail and wash access to saddle up and right from your property.

In Oro Valley, which is the northwest part of Tucson, there are also 3.3 to 5 acre lots with plenty of places to ride horses.

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