Tucson Window Repair – Shameless Plug

I recently had one of my listings get broken into and realized how lucky I was to have Danny Abbot of Bella Window and Door on my team of vendors that I work with. Also super lucky that a neighbor did their part in scaring the intruders off and reporting something suspicious to me and Tucson police.

At about 4 PM, I got a call from a neighbor that 4 suspicious kids on bicycles had jumped the wall and were up to NO good. I was not too far from the home so I rush over. When I got there the kids had already left. Unfortunately they had kicked in the sliding glass door and had been in the home. Fortunately that is all they did. It could have been way worse. If it was not for the neighbor the kids could have vandalized the place or stolen things.

As soon as I got there and realized what had happen, I called Danny Abbot of Bella Window and Door. Within 30 minutes he was, Johnny On The Spot, there at the home helping me clean up the mess and board up the window.

The following day he had a new piece of glass installed. So within a 24 hr period Danny had the home back in good showing condition. THANKS DANNY!

If you are in Tucson, Arizona and have any windows that need replacing or repair Danny is your guy!